Symposium Program


Day 1 - May 7th, 2018
8:00 AM
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8:50 AM
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9:00 AM Gwyn Lintern
Hello and Security Announcement
9:05 AM Philip Hill and Kate Moran Welcome
9:20 AM Joshu Mountjoy Keynote Keynote: Preconditioning and triggering dynamics of subaqueous landslides. Observations from New Zealand’s active landscape
10:00 AM Maarten S. Heijnen
Subaqueous mass movements in lakes,
fjords and coastal areas
Upstream-migrating knickpoints: The dominant control on submarine channel evolution?
10:15 AM Marten Geertsema Landslide detection in Lakelse Lake, British Columbia
10:30 AM
10:45 AM Nicole J. Baeten The impact of submarine mine tailings disposal on the fjord bottom in Frænfjorden, Norway
11:00 AM Robert Deering GSL: Morphological characterization of submarine slope failures in a semi-enclosed fiord, Frobisher Bay, eastern Canadian Arctic
11:15 AM Annie-Pier Trottier Poster: Deglacial and postglacial paleoseismological archives in mass-movement deposits of lakes of south-central Québec
11:17 AM Cooper D. Stacey Poster: Submarine slides in a fjord environment: Douglas Channel, British Columbia
11:19 AM Kate Heerema Poster: Using unprecedented, direct measurements of turbidity currents to understand flow front speed evolution
11:21 AM Kendall C. Mollison Poster: Sedimentology, structure, and age of one submarine landside on the continental slope of eastern Australia and an analysis of likely causes of unique sedimentary deposits identified
11:23 AM Maddalena Sammartini Poster: Towards a consistent morphometric characterization of lacustrine landslides
11:25 AM Lewis Bailey Poster: Preconditiong and Triggering of Turbidity Currents in Monterey Canyon, California
11:30 PM Maddalena Sammartini
Tectonics and Mass Movements
GSL: Open slope, translational submarine landslide in a tectonically active volcanic continental margin (Licosa submarine landslide, Southern Tyrrhenian Sea)
11:45 PM Davide Gamboa Morphological trends of submarine landslides in salt basins – examples from the Espírito Santo Basin (SE Brazil)
12:00 PM
1:00 PM Euan Soutter The Halibut Slide - a giant submarine landslide triggered by Paleocene mantle plume activity in the North Atlantic
1:15 PM Michael Riedel GSL: Slope failures along the deformation front of the Cascadia margin: linking slide morphology to subduction zone parameters
1:30 PM Natsumi Okutsu GSL: Evidence for surface sediment remobilization by earthquakes in the Nankai forearc region from sedimentary records
1:45 PM Amando Lasabuda Late Cenozoic glacial sediment input to the Arctic Ocean – quantifying the contribution from the Barents Sea sector
2:00 PM J.K. Lackey GSL Poster: Spatial and temporal cross-cutting relationships between fault structures and slope failures along the outer Kumano Basin and Nankai accretionary wedge, SW Japan
2:02 PM Davide Gamboa Poster: Drilling through the giant Ruatoria Debris Flow on the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand: preliminary results from IODP Expedition 372 Site U1520
2:04 PM Harya D. Nugraha Poster: Tectonic and oceanographic process interactions archived in the Late Cretaceous to Recent stratigraphy, Exmouth Plateau, offshore NW Australia
2:10 PM
2:25 PM Oded Katz GSL: The nature of small to medium earthquakes along the Eastern Mediterranean passive continental margins, and their possible relationships to landslides and submarine salt-tectonic-related shallow faults
2:40 PM Dr. Yi-Ching Yeh Submarine Tectonic Activities and Canyon Erosion Interactive Slope Instabilities in the Kaoping Slope Area, southwestern offshore Taiwan
2:55 PM David Hodgson
Mass Transport Deposits
in Modern and Outcrop Sedimentology
GSL: Entrainment and abrasion of megaclasts during submarine landsliding and their impact on flow behaviour
3:10 PM Lilian Navarro GSL: Stratal architecture and evolution of a slope mass-transport complex, Isaac Formation, Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, southern Canadian Cordillera, British Columbia, Canada
3:25 PM
3:35 PM Masayuki Utsunomiya GSL Poster: Preferential formation of a slide plane in translational submarine landslide deposits in a Pleistocene forearc basin fill exposed in east-central Japan
3:37 PM Yuzuru Yamamoto GSL Poster: Repeated large-scale mass-transport deposits and consequent rapid sedimentation in the western part of the Bay of Bengal, India
3:39 PM Cooper D. Stacey Poster: The Kitimat Slide Complex - New perspectives on an old problem
3:41 PM Yuanqin Xu Poster: Submarine Landslide Identified in DLW3102 Core of the Northern Continental Slope, South China Sea
3:43 PM Harya D. Nugraha
Failure Dynamics from Landslide Geomorphology
Poster: Slope degradation and mass-transport complex (MTC) emplacement: new insights from a 3D seismic case study, Exmouth Plateau, offshore NW Australia
3:45 PM Brandi L. Lenz Poster: Seismic Imaging of Seafloor Deformation Induced by Impact from Large Submarine Landslide Blocks, Offshore Oregon
3:47 PM Kuan-Ting Chen Poster: Submarine landslides and triggering mechanisms on the continental margin of the northeastern South China Sea
3:49 PM M. Brunet Poster: Investigation of creeping mechanics of the Tuaheni Landslide Complex (TLC) in the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand, using micro-4D-XCT measurements on cores from the IODP Expedition 372
3:51 PM David Huntley
Tsunami Generation from Slope Failures
GSL Poster: Extending the terrestrial depositional record of marine geohazards in coastal NW British Columbia
3:53 PM Aaron Micallef Poster: Malta's tsunami inundation hazard - A Submarine Landslide and Earthquake Tsunami Scenario Study
3:55 PM Liu Jie Prediction, engineering design and mitigation to reduce damage by submarine mass movements Poster: Features of engineering geology and evaluation of regional stability of the submarine canyon in the northern South China Sea
3:57 PM Huai-Houh Hsu Geotechnical Aspects of Mass Movements Poster: Submarine Sediments' Site Characteristics and Their Slope Stability Assessments off SW Taiwan
4:00 PM
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Day 2 - May 8th, 2018
8:30 AM
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8:50 AM
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9:00 AM Lorena Moscardelli Introduction S4SLIDE
9:20 AM Matthieu Cartignay Keynote Keynote: New insights from international efforts to monitor active turbidity currents at global test sites
10:00 AM Shun Nomura
Instrumentation and methods for monitoring submarine mass movements
GSL: Sediment mass movement of a particle-laden turbidity current based on ultrasound velocity profiling and the distribution of sediment concentration
10:15 AM Todd Mudge Turbidity Flow Detection and Coherent Doppler Velocity Unwrapping at The Delta Dynamics Laboratory
10:30 AM David C. Mosher Poster: Ultra-high Resolution Seismic Reflection Imaging of Submarine Landslides: the Geoforce Boomer/Sparker Sub-bottom profiler
10:32 AM W. B. Cheng Poster: Geophysical Investigation of Shallow Subsurface Fracture Distribution on the Accretionary Prism off Southwest Taiwan
10:34 AM Alison L. Bird Poster: The use of Virtual Reality Technology in the Examination of Three-Dimensional Submarine Landslide Data
10:36 AM
Multidisciplinary Case Studies
10:50 AM Alexandre Normandeau GSL: New evidence for a major late Quaternary submarine landslide on the external western levee of Laurentian Fan
11:05 AM Revital Bookman Micropaleontological and taphonomic characteristics of mass-transport deposits in the northern Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba
11:20 AM Maarten Vanneste GSL: Geohazard assessment related to submarine instabilities in Bjørnafjorden, Norway
11:35 AM David Cox Slip Sliding Away: Enigma of Large Sandy Rafts within a Gas Bearing Mass Transport Complex, Offshore NW Greenland
11:50 PM Jan Blahut Poster: Monitoring the dynamics of a giant landslide on El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain
11:52 PM Lara F. Pérez Poster: Mass transport deposits in the Arctic Ocean: Recent mass movements on the Lomonosov Ridge and in Amundsen Basin
11:54 PM Ricardo León GSL Poster: Submarine landslide catalogue onshore/offshore harmonization: Spain as a case study
11:56 PM Jaume Llopart Poster: Hydrogeological evolution of a Trough Mouth Fan in the western Barents Sea and implications for continental slope stability
12:00 PM
1:00 PM Michael Clare Panel International Submarine Landslide Database
1:30 PM Nana Kamiya
Multidisciplinary Case Studies
GSL: Formation of excess fluid pressure, sediment fluidization and mass-transport deposits in the Plio-Pleistocene Boso forearc basin, central Japan
1:45 PM Jenna C. Hill GSL: Subsurface controls on the development of the Cape Fear Slide Complex, central US Atlantic Margin
2:00 PM Mario Andres Gutierrez Poster: Systematic Lithologic Characterization of Neogene Mass-Transport Deposits, Mississippi Canyon of the Northern Gulf of Mexico, USA
2:02 PM Ricardo Léon Poster: Morphometrical Insights of the Spanish Submarine Landslides
2:04 PM Tugdual Gauchery Poster: Triggering factors and stratigraphic reconstruction of multi-stage failures in the southeastern slope of the Gela Basin in the Strait of Sicily (Central Mediterranean Sea).
2:06 PM Sebastian Krastel Poster: High resolution seismic stratigraphic of sediment transport events in the eastern Laurentian Fan
2:08 PM Geoff Day Display: Ocean Sonics acoustic measurements on submarine mass movements
2:10 PM
2:25 PM Revital Bookman Insights on the evolution of a recent slide complex: A case study of the Goliath Slide, offshore southern Israel
2:40 PM Morelia Urlaub GSL: Submarine landslides offshore Yamba, NSW, Australia: an analysis of their timing, downslope motion and possible causes
2:55 PM Thomas T.C.T. Hubble GSL: An analysis of submarine landslides offshore Yamba NSW Australia: implications for their timing downslope motion and possible triggers
3:10 PM Nan Wu Poster: Petrophysical properties of mass transport complexes (MTCs) in the Gulf of Mexico
3:12 PM Rachel Barrett
Numerical and Statistical Analysis
Poster: Towards semi-automatic delineation of submarine landslides
3:14 PM Natasha Chapplow Poster: How the temperature of a turbidity current varies as its flow evolves: Real-time data during two powerful turbidity current events in Monterey Canyon, California
3:16 PM Jaume Llopart Poster: Hydrogeological evolution as a pre-conditioning factor for slope failure in a back-arc volcanic setting, W off Martinique Island
3:20 PM
3:35 PM Michael Clare GSL: A consistent global approach for the morphometric characterization of subaqueous landslides
3:50 PM Dr. Yi An GSL: A two-dimensional layer-averaged numerical model for submarine gravity currents
4:05 PM Jannis Kuhlmann
Fluid Flow and Gas Hydrates
GSL: Seismic and lithofacies characterization of a gravity core transect down the submarine Tuaheni Landslide Complex, northeastern New Zealand
4:20 PM Luis Somoza GSL: Giant mass-transport deposits in the southern Scotia Sea (Antarctica)
4:35 PM Derek E. Sawyer Poster: Interplay of Salt Tectonics, Gas Hydrates, and Submarine Landslides in the Hypersaline Orca Basin Brine Pool, Gulf of Mexico, Continental Slope
4:37 PM Songbo Long Poster: 3D Finite Element Modeling for Possible Creeping Behavior and Instability of Gas Hydrate-related Slipstream Submarine Slide, offshore Vancouver Island, Canada
4:40 PM
Day 2 Presentations End
6:30 PM
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Day 3 - May 9th, 2018
8:30 AM
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9:00 AM Daniele Casalbore
Failure Dynamics from Landslide Geomorphology
GSL: Failure dynamics of landslide scars on the lower continental slope of the Tyrrhenian Calabrian margin: insights from an integrated morpho-bathymetric and seismic analysis.
9:15 AM Irena Schulten GSL: Surficial sediment failures due to the 1929 Grand Banks Earthquake, St Pierre Slope
9:30 AM Jacques Locat GSL: Failure and post-failure analysis of submarine mass movements using geomorphology and geomechanical concepts
9:45 AM Omri Gadol Mass Transport Complexes role in the evolution of continental slopes: a multiscale case study offshore Israel
10:00 AM
10:30 AM Pi-Chun Huang A mass failure in the northern flank of the Kueishantao Island off northeastern Taiwan: debris avalanches and related structures in the offshore downslope
10:45 AM Gwyn Lintern
Submarine Mass Movement in Margin Construction and Economic Significance
GSL: Providing Multidisciplinary Science Advice for Coastal Planning in Kitimat Arm, British Columbia
11:00 AM Benjamin Bellwald GSL: Shear margin moraine, mass transport deposits and soft beds revealed by high-resolution P-Cable three-dimensional seismic data in the Hoop area, Barents Sea
11:15 AM Daniel Brothers GSL: Slope Failure and Mass Transport Processes along the Queen Charlotte Fault: Southeastern Alaska
11:30 PM Daniel Brothers GSL: Slope Failure and Mass Transport Processes Along the Queen Charlotte Fault Zone; Western British Columbia
11:45 PM
12:45 PM

Gwyn Lintern, Maarten Vanneste, Craig Shipp

Panel Costs, Hazard Analysis, and Mitigation of Submarine Landslides
1:15 PM Michael Steventon
Submarine Mass Movement in Margin Construction and Economic Significance
Strain distribution within mass-transport complexes: seismic characterisation and structural restoration, offshore Uruguay
1:30 PM S. Krastel GSL: Mass wasting along the NW-African continental margin
1:45 PM
Tsunami Generation from Slope Failures
2:00 PM Andrée Blais-Stevens A compilation of subaerial landslides deposited in Douglas Channel and Howe Sound fjords, British Columbia and their potential geohazard implications
2:15 PM Ceren Ozer Sozdinler Preparation of High Resolution Tsunami Inundation Maps for Selected Test Sites in Marmara Sea, Turkey due to Possible Submarine Landslides
2:30 PM David Huntley Tsunami Generation from slope failures near in Kitimat fjord, northwest British Columbia
2:45 PM
3:00 PM Dominique Turmel GSL: Tsunami modelling of the 7250 cal years BP Betsiamites submarine landslide
3:15 PM David Mosher GSL: Modelling the 1929 Grand Banks slump and landslide tsunami
3:30 PM Reginald Hermanns GSL: SPLASH: semi-empirical prediction of landslide-generated displacement wave run-up heights
3:45 PM Jacques Locat
Closing Address
3:55 PM David Mosher and Gwyn Lintern Concluding remarks and acknowledgments
4:00 PM Symposium ends    


Poster size can be up to 4 ft x 4 ft (about 120 cm x 120 cm).

Posters were displayed for the entire conference. A limited number of lagrer boards (8' wide, 4' high; or 2.4 m x 1.2 m) may be available to accommodate display of seismic data or other special needs. These boards may be not available in the main poster viewing area and may not be available for the full symposium.

Poster presenters were also given the opportunity to give a brief, 2-minute talk with the optional one slide (two slides maximum).

Oral presentations will be 15 minutes including questions. Keynote presentations will be 40 minutes.

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Important Dates:

Abstract submission deadline with intent to publish in the "Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences" volume, produced by the Geological Society of London (GSL) 15 February 2017
GSL first draft paper submission deadline: 1 August 2017 
Return of GSL manuscripts to authors for final revision: 1 October 2017
Final paper submission deadline to GSL: 1 November 2017
Early bird registration deadline: 15 November 2017
Application for student and post-doc travel support deadline: 15 February 2018
Abstract submission deadline for long, non-GSL abstracts: 15 March 2018
Special Rate Venue Hotel deadline (extended!) 27 March 2018
Symposium: 7-9 May 2018

Symposium Organizers:

Dave Mosher (PhD) University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA
Gwyn Lintern (DPhil/PhD) Geological Survey of Canada, Institute of Ocean Sciences, BC, Canada
Cooper Stacey (MSc) Geological Survey of Canada, Institute of Ocean Sciences, BC, Canada
Lorena Moscardelli (PhD) Statoil R&T, Austin, TX, USA
Martin Scherwath (PhD) Ocean Networks Canada, BC, Canada

Scientific Committee:

Dave Mosher (PhD) University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA
Gwyn Lintern (DPhil/PhD) Geological Survey of Canada, Institute of Ocean Sciences, BC, Canada
Lorena Moscardelli (PhD) Statoil R&T, Austin, TX, USA
Phil Hill (PhD) Geological Survey of Canada, Institute of Ocean Sciences, BC, Canada
Cooper Stacey (MSc) Geological Survey of Canada, Institute of Ocean Sciences, BC, Canada